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Image Name Nationality Location Expected Salary Login Date
Restauro Philippines Overseas 12000-15000RMB Jun 05 12:43
Nonkululeko94 South Africa Overseas Negotiable Jun 05 11:11
Stephanie94 South Africa Overseas Nopaid Jun 05 11:08
Yende South Africa Overseas Negotiable Jun 05 11:05
GOHI Other Zhengzhou Negotiable Jun 02 10:13
HongSung258 Other Guangzhou 8000-12000RMB Jun 02 10:03
wajidakram112 Pakistan Overseas Negotiable Jun 01 22:05
Alexis258 France Beijing More than 20000RMB Jun 01 15:24
Renton258 United Kingdom Changsha More than 20000RMB Jun 01 13:39
Magante Philippines Overseas Negotiable Jun 01 11:13
Panourios Greece Overseas Negotiable Jun 01 11:10
Lingaraja India Overseas Negotiable May 31 15:24
Thekiso South Africa Overseas Negotiable May 31 15:15
Kevin258 Canada Overseas More than 20000RMB May 31 10:47
Stevens147 United States Haikou More than 20000RMB May 30 10:31
EILEEN258 South Africa Xiamen Negotiable May 27 14:26
Saliya India Shenzhen Negotiable May 27 11:28
AKOUSSAN Other Yinchuan 8000-12000RMB May 27 00:42
Robert369 United States Guangzhou More than 20000RMB May 26 15:23
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